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Not Updated, Updating March 2006
The Group Structure:
Yaar's Business development
2004 Setting up partnership with "Agam liderim" by way of Agam liderim investing in Yaar and through this strengthening the on going climb to be leaders in pension insurance market in Israel together with resources accumulations and state of the art technologies operations capabilities, growing and moving to new offices larger and more up to date.
2001-03 Continuing the business development and transfer to operating as a group with the aim to continue granting our customers and the general public and general business sector in Israel the utmost service, whilst retaining our unique characteristics.
1997-2000 Transfer to operating as a corporation within the framework of "Yaar Life Insurance Agency (1997) Ltd"
1993-96 Independent activities.
1990-92 Amir Yaar, sales directors in an insurance Company.

Agam Liderim Group
Agam Liderim was formed in 1992 and is one of the leading and dominant insurance brokers in Israel in the Insurance Pension Field.

Its independent service array which is not dependent on insurers together with the leading computerized and operating systems are unique and providing numerous related advantages to the public of its clients as well as Yaar's customers.

One of these advantages is the capability of handling existing portfolios opposite all the insurance companies and the various pension funds whilst currently keeping close control on them.

Business status and areas of specialization
1) Yaar is presently considered to be a leading brand name in the complex and dynamic field of the Israeli Pension Insurance.

2) The investment of Agam Liderim in Yaar constitutes a unique forces and qualities integration to the benefit of the customers as well as the general business and public sector, whilst retaining Yaar's unique quality advantage.

3) Yaar's specialization and activities are presently mainly in the business and public sectors, whilst giving a variety of services to employers and employees, based on top professionalism together with quality service and capability of current management and supervision, management of know how and information and all that together with work in net concepts of work while at the same time managing pension insurance portfolios by integrating elastic models and the ultimate result being more NET to the employee from a given monetary budget and strengthening the social security and pension of the human resources of the company/organization.

4) Furthermore, Yaar set up together with well known specialists each in his/her area of work the "Top Advice Israel Ltd" which is a unique body granting consultation in all the areas of work relations to companies and their employees, investors, workers committees, professional men/women in various areas and more.

The related advantage of Yaar is vested in:
Yaar can handle any size of company/employer with all its employees, in any size and the various existing arrangements including old and new pension funds, key men insurance, arrangements in provident funds and professional training funds.
Being a creator of new and unique standards of operations.
Being involved and well connected in all the happeningsin the field.
Being an independent factor totally privately owned.
Its unique specialization in the area of giving lectures and training courses as well as organizing seminars in various conventions in different frameworks.
The variety of services and contacts offered to customers.
A dynamic and qualitative website which offers up to date information in a top professional manner. Said website will be integrated into the Agam Liderim site towards August 2004 and customers will have the privilege of obtaining secured on-line information at all times.

Ways of Cooperating With Us (separate or combined).
1) The traditional manner - as an insurance broker arranging and managing insurance portfolios of insureds and associates.
2) Engagement on the basis of handling fees and payment for current services.
3) A contract for consulting work only.

Why Act As Per Our Unique Approach ?
Due to the fact that this field turned (especially lately) to an area of service and financial management !

The insurance pension area changed and is changing its phases (2004 is a transitional period) during recent years when the overall result of the changes in the life expectancy and retiring age, the reforms in pension funds at the end of 2003 and early 2004 (being a completion of the 1995 reform), the structural changes in the insurance companies programs, which were expected in the subject of taxation, the obliterated boundaries of the various actors in the capital market, the amendments in the investment rules and provisions and the influences of all these on the array of working relations in Israel are that the area has turned and is turning into a material change from sales industry into an industry of service and financial management competing on know how, service and revenues.

The January 2000 Arrangement Law with its taxation chapter in themselves constitute a material change and shall always be a notable changing point, as they state a principle of free choice for the retiring age as opposed to principle of free choice at the age of retiring, meaning, the employee joining the arrangement is presently just the beginning of the process and not its ending.

One of the results is, that not only the behavior and its characteristics and those of the employers and insureds has changed but the structure and the nature of the operation of the insurers and services providers changed and are likely to keep changing more and more.

Amir Yaar
Founder & Managing Director